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Welcome to the Tsunami Rose Holistic World​​​​​​​​​​​​
You most likely have found this website because you are looking for Alternative Health options.  You may have been to many doctors and found no success.  Now you are looking for something outside the medical box.  You feel the answer is out there somewhere, but you are not sure where.  Welcome!  We believe you will find a lot of help here.  In fact, some of our most advanced solutions have no peers.  

We are creating a whole new genre of health solutions which we have dubbed i-Potheoses.  This name reflects its two primary aspects: it works through intention (i) and its benefits come from Source (apotheosis: the perfect form or most extreme example of something; the elevation of someone to divine status).  Please check back with us in January 2019.

What is this about?
Tsunami Rose uses a unique system of dowsing called True Quantum Healing.  It’s a process developed by Chris Kehler that is able to pinpoint the root problems and key factors causing health issues quickly. ​

She has extended this to holistic doctors, veterinarians, naturopaths and practioners with a similar focus through a series of books and workshops called The Dowsing Docs Series.  These are being introduced at the annual convention of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians in December 2018.  More on this will follow as we have time to put it up on our forthcoming website, DowsingDocs.com.

For example, if you have asthma, the Dowsing Docs program enables doctors to dowse and find what is causing your asthma­­–be it a virus, parasite, negative energy, karma, mold, etc.  Then they use other dowsing charts in the books to find the optimum supplements, herbs, and other remedies.  Once they find the root cause, they can use advanced Krystaline energy tools and a ProLong Generator to neutralize the stressor.

How Can I Participate and Benefit?​
If you are interested in setting up an appointment for your needs, you can contact Tsunami Rose by sending her an email at:​

How Does This Work?
The art of dowsing relies on having reached a set of advanced skills, including an openness to Source, being able to perceive one’s Higher Self, communicating with one's Spirit Guides, directing energies in a beneficial way through sacred geometric tools, a focused and loving intent to help people, and an creative, interactive voice to draw upon other energies, as needed. ​

The True Quantum Healing version of dowsing is enhanced through hundreds of dowsing charts that help the dowser quickly identify needs.  It also relies on a set of energetic tools using sacred geometry that help focus and amplify the flow of healing energy.  

The connection and role of Source is beyond description due to our 3rd dimensional perspective.  But here’s an effort to explain: Source is a term that represents everything, everywhere.  It is timeless, but Today is different from Yesterday.  And, in accordance with our free-will, Tomorrow is unfolding.  In Source, all things are simultaneous. 

Source is not an entity, but it contains all entities and non-entities.  As an entity, our true and absolute nature evolves and unfolds with both our personal self and our connection to the common consciousness, which is enriched by our uniqueness, along with everyone else’s.  Source includes our past, future and current nature, and it is in tune with our free will to make mistakes and poor choices—or to do well.

How Does this Relate to My Wellness?​
Because Source is connected to everything everywhere and contains all energies throughout the universe, Source contains/shows the obstacles and impediments to your wellness.  It also contains/shows your readiness for and your progress toward ascension. ​​

While Source readily reveals the flow of energy in our physical and etheric bodies, most of us are out of touch and unaware of this.  Only a very few people are sufficiently enlightened and loving, that their Higher Self, is able to “see” our current nature and discern the blockages, disruptions, and dysfunctional matters affecting us. Tsunami Rose is one of these very special people. 

Through her joyful, loving nature and prior life experiences, Tsunami Rose has become open to Source.  She experiences frequent out of body travel with a higher guide.  She has experienced time travel, witnessed by reputable others, unlike any she has found on the Internet.  She performs remote viewing.  She is intuitive and telepathic.  She is able to access her Higher Self pretty much whenever she wants and can direct positive energy through her words and intentions in ways that in produce jaw-dropping results.
Karmic Debt

Healing Past Lives

Voodoo, Spells, & Curses

Revoke Vows

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Chronic Pain Relief

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AI Implants

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Remove Covenants

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Parallel Incarnation

…and much, much more!

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